About me

I am a computational biologist currently working as a senior researcher at the Oxford Nanopore Technologies in the Algorithms research group. I have a dual background in molecular biology and bioinformatics. My PhD was at the bench in virology and epigenetics at the INSERM 1089 (University of Nantes, France). After my PhD, I was promoted to a junior team leader position and obtained an additional master's degree in bioinformatics, while developing expertise in sequencing methods related to viral vector genomes. I then moved to the EMBL-EBI to expand my skills in data analysis and software development. At the EBI, I have been working on a broad range of topics including RNA modifications in cancer and more recently medaka fish functional genomics, developing a deep knowledge of nanopore sequencing.

During my career, I have contributed to over 20 scientific publications and communications. Have a look at my Google Scholar Profileor my ORCID Profileto know more about my academic track record or learn about my preferred publications in the top publications tab 📚. As a computational biologist, I have been writing dozens of scripts, APIs and analytic workflows. At the EBI, I have developed or co-developed a number of tools to analyse Oxford Nanopore sequencing data, which have cumulatively been downloaded over 100,000 times. For more details see the software development tab 💻 or my Github profile

My personal life

I am the dad of a bright and hyperactive 3 year old boy, meaning that most of my personal life is spent being a clown, coach, cook, tower builder, cleaner...  which I obviously enjoy. Before the pandemics, I used to do bouldering on a regular basis but nowhere as much as in secondary school, where I met my wonderful partner. Cycling is the other big drive of my life. As far as I can remember I have always been into cycling, one way or another. As a family we spend a lot of time on our bikes and particularly enjoy cycle touring holidays.